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How to Talk About Gender Diversity with Kids

Gender identity refers to the way a person perceives themselves—male, female, both, neither, or somewhere in-between. This is different from sexual orientation, or who a person is attracted to. All kids go through gender development, so here’s what you should know. Building a sense of self Children may begin to develop their gender identity as […]

Technology for home use. Little girl listening to music on headphones and cute small boy enjoying his digital tablet in room

Social Media 101 for Parents

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. You may think that you know your way around social media. But how much do you really know about YouTube Kids, Snapchat, and TikTok? Educate yourself about social media apps that appeal to kids. Below are some tips on helping your child use social media safely and appropriately. Are “child-friendly” social media […]

healthy and nutritious breakfast with fresh fruits and vegetables on white table, close-up, horizontal

Watch Salt in Kids’ Diets

Many people eat too many salty foods, and kids are no exception. Parents can set the stage for better adult habits by putting limits on salty foods right from the start.

9 baby milestones

9 Essential Baby Milestones

Every milestone—from when your baby first holds up her sweet little head to when she speaks her first word—is thrilling. These moments aren’t just exciting and fun; they’re also markers that can clue you into your baby’s development.

Happy young family preparing and eating vegetable salad

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Vegetables and fruits can be a tough sell for youngsters. But two simple changes in your family’s eating habits can help make sure that your children get enough of these healthy foods every day.