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Category Archives: Children’s Health

9 Essential Baby Milestones

Every milestone—from when your baby first holds up her sweet little head to when she speaks her first word—is thrilling. These moments aren’t just exciting and fun; they’re also markers that can clue you into your baby’s development.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Vegetables and fruits can be a tough sell for youngsters. But two simple changes in your family’s eating habits can help make sure that your children get enough of these healthy foods every day.

Special Caution on Concussions

Concussions often occur in athletes, but experts still know little about this sports injury.  That’s because of the brain’s complexity, and because of the lack of research into concussions.

Keep Teen Drivers Safe

Teen drivers are at heightened risk of getting into an accident. But there are things parents can do to reduce those chances.

Watch That Backpack Load

Most children rely on backpacks to carry books and supplies to and from school and activities. But a backpack that’s too heavy or doesn’t fit right can cause harm.