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group of smiling people exercising in the gym

Preparing for Your Best Year of Fitness

If you’re getting ready to make New Year’s fitness resolutions — don’t. Instead, design a yearlong fitness plan to make sure that you have effective lifestyle changes in place. Sarah Bush Lincoln can help. Did you know we offer a medically supervised exercise program? Learn more Month-by-month plan Use this yearlong plan to improve your […]

Reading a nutrition label on food packaging with fresh salad background

Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Work

You may have heard that 3,500 calories equal one pound of body fat. Drop or burn just 500 calories a day and you should lose a pound a week, right? Well, theoretically—but it may not be as simple as the arithmetic suggests. Although paying attention to what you eat can help shed extra pounds, counting […]

A tired sleepless woman with the pillow over her head . Isolated over white.

5 Health Habits That Could Hurt You

Your health is a priority, so you try to take good care of yourself. But some habits that you think are healthy may actually be harmful. Here’s how to avoid five common mistakes. 1. Reusing Unwashed Grocery Bags The problem: Reusable grocery bags reduce waste. But they may also harbor germs that could contaminate your food […]

Senior Man On Running Machine In Gym

Exercise Intensity

Exercise: Measuring Your Pace Getting your heart to work at the right pace is important. It means you’ll develop better aerobic endurance. This happens because your heart gets stronger and more efficient from the challenge. A stronger heart can pump more oxygen to your muscles. Then you don’t get tired as quickly when doing hobbies, […]

Parents with teenage children enjoying meal at home

National Nutrition Month – Put Your Best Fork Forward

March is full of wonderful things: the beginning of spring, daylight savings time (hello, extra hour of sunshine!), or even March Madness if you enjoy basketball. But there’s one more thing that’s special about March: It’s National Nutrition Month®! National Nutrition Month® began in 1973 as a one-week initiative, “Invest in Yourself – Buy Nutrition,” […]

Close up of a healthy bowl of muesli mixed with dried fruit and nuts and almond milk on a wooden background.

Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast

The doughnut table and vending machines at work can lead to temptation. To help you resist, start the day with a protein-rich breakfast.