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group of smiling people exercising in the gym

Preparing for Your Best Year of Fitness

If you’re getting ready to make New Year’s fitness resolutions — don’t. Instead, design a yearlong fitness plan to make sure that you have effective lifestyle changes in place. Sarah Bush Lincoln can help. Did you know we offer a medically supervised exercise program? Learn more Month-by-month plan Use this yearlong plan to improve your […]

Happy couple walking along road together

10 Extra Minutes of Exercise Saves Lives

For years, health experts have preached the perks of taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking farther away from the grocery store. Now, researchers have calculated new numbers showing even short bouts of physical activity can dramatically improve health. If every U.S. adult ages 40 to 85 increased their amount of exercise by […]

Happy couple riding bicycles outside, healthy lifestyle fun concept

Bike Your Way to Better Health

Talk about the cycle of life: You could save money and cut pollution while getting a workout. Biking has long been popular for recreation, but the surge in gas prices over the years has fueled spikes in commuter cycling around the country. Since 2000, there’s been a 60 percent increase nationwide in the number of […]

family exercising

Find Cool Ways to Break a Sweat This Summer

There’s nothing like stepping outside to enjoy summer’s warmth and sunshine. Now is the perfect time to get out in the great outdoors while improving your fitness and overall health. Exercise is important for everyone, no matter your age or health status. Even if you have a condition such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, or […]

Senior Man On Running Machine In Gym

Exercise Intensity

Exercise: Measuring Your Pace Getting your heart to work at the right pace is important. It means you’ll develop better aerobic endurance. This happens because your heart gets stronger and more efficient from the challenge. A stronger heart can pump more oxygen to your muscles. Then you don’t get tired as quickly when doing hobbies, […]

Young male fitness model training squat with weight at the gym

Fitter Middle-Aged Men Seem to Fend Off Cancer

If you’re looking for a good reason to shape up, consider the finding of a recent study. Here’s the worthy incentive: Men who are fitter in middle age may be less likely to develop and die from cancer. A fitness factor? In JAMA Oncology, researchers looked at the health of nearly 14,000 middle-aged men. They […]

Mature couple stretching at park and listening to music. Athletic senior couple exercising together outdoor. Fit senior runners stretching before running outdoors.

Adopt These Five Habits for Better Colon Health

Lowering your risk In the journal BMC Medicine, researchers set out to test if a certain lifestyle pattern might lower a person’s risk for colorectal cancer. To do so, they first created a healthy lifestyle index. This index took into account 5 behaviors: Staying at a healthy weight Not smoking Getting regular physical activity—at least […]

Woman making salad

Heart Healthy Cooking Tips

Preparing foods to meet guidelines for heart healthy eating does not have to be complicated or intimidating. Heart healthy eating should include foods from all food groups to meet nutrient needs, but they should be prepared in such a way to promote the health benefits of the foods. In general, most heart healthy guidelines will […]