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Health Tip: Exercising with Arthritis

Exercise usually is good for those with arthritis, but there are many potential obstacles to keep you inactive.

Here are strategies to keep you moving, courtesy of the Arthritis Foundation:

  • No time? Exercise in short bursts, even just 10 minutes at a time. Find a fitness partner to help keep it fun.
  • If you’re having pain, try a low-impact exercise, such as swimming. Exercise even when you’re tired, as regular exercise helps boost energy.
  • Don’t look at exercise as just a way to lose weight. It also helps manage pain, increase flexibility and makes it easier to do daily tasks.
  • Look for a new gym if you feel self-conscious at the current one. If money is a concern, just go for a walk or buy inexpensive home workout equipment.
  • Try interval training, a few minutes of vigorous exercise followed by a recovery period, if you’re not seeing changes.
  • Visit a personal trainer.
  • Schedule workouts so you don’t keep putting them off.
  • Remember to reward yourself.

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