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9 baby milestones

9 Essential Baby Milestones

Every milestone—from when your baby first holds up her sweet little head to when she speaks her first word—is thrilling. These moments aren’t just exciting and fun; they’re also markers that can clue you into your baby’s development.

parenting styles

5 Ways to Handle Friends with Different Parenting Styles

While friends don’t have to agree all the time, having different parenting philosophies can make it seem like you’re speaking totally different languages. It can be polarizing when you get along with someone well but your parenting styles clash. The two of you may start to think, “What are we going to talk about if […]

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Menopause Myths

Myth #1:  Menopause begins at 50 Menopause begins at 50…or at 42…or 36…or 61. The average woman begins menopause at 52, but you may start your transition anywhere from your 30’s to your 60’s. Menopause is technically defined as the absence of a menstruation for a period of one year. Women sometimes say they didn’t […]

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How to Have an Awesome Cesarean Birth

Cesareans can be medically necessary, life-saving events for both mothers and babies and they can also be powerful, emotionally resonant experiences. These tips can help make your experience before, during, and after a C-section birth positive and fulfilling.


Common Fears of New Parents

There’s a moment during pregnancy when being a parent goes from abstract idea to stone-cold fact. And it’s scary. Like clutch-my-heart-I’m-feeling-woozy scary.


Menses After Childbirth

Of course, the biggest reward of pregnancy will be your adorable new baby. But if you’re like many expectant moms, another huge perk is having your period go on an extended vacation.