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Hydrate More to Lose Weight


Hello all and WOWZERS! Is it ever hot out there!

This time of year makes it really tough to keep to a decent workout schedule. Prior to getting on the HMR diet and committing myself to a more healthy lifestyle that included100_0599 daily workouts, I never had a problem just sequestering myself inside in the nice, cool air-conditioning all summer long. But when you are trying to keep yourself active, the hottest part of the summer is about as bad as the coldest part of the winter. At least when it’s blowing and snowing in the winter, you know you have to find alternatives to outside exercise.

But in the hot, hot, hot of the summer, you might think to yourself, “It’s such a sunny day out! Perfect conditions for jogging around the neighborhood.” And then you set out to try exactly that and 10 minutes later find yourself drenched in sweat and completely sapped of energy.

So if you haven’t invested in some home exercise equipment, a gym membership or the YMCA are good ways to keep active and cool throughout the summer heat. But whatever you do, don’t use the heat and humidity as an excuse to skip day after day of working out. Once you get out of the habit, it can be super difficult to get back into it.

But if you do decide to get some outside exercise on nice days (like I have done on more than a few occasions, when it’s really humid and uncomfortable) don’t forget to HYDRATE! It’s super important to keeping your body running, as well as a key component of weight loss. A lot of people on diets neglect the importance of hydration. But it flushes out your system, makes you feel more full, and speeds up digestion, which ultimately speeds up metabolism.

So, in short, if you want to lose weight, drink more water! Especially during this time of year when you sweat far more than in the cooler months.

Til next time,
Tim Stolz

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